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SMSC Gold Quality Mark

The school received the excellent news this week that we have been accredited with the Gold level of the National SMSC Quality Mark. As part of our personal development programme and throughout our whole curriculum, we are constantly looking to deepen pupils’ understanding of spiritual, moral, social and cultural education (SMSC). Through these common aims, we ensure that all pupils are ready to take their places as responsible, respectful and active citizens.

The accreditation process involved a consultation meeting in March before a verification meeting in June. We were very fortunate to be assigned Rachel Tomlinson, a Headteacher and Executive Headteacher with huge experience in the field of SMSC and Personal Development, as our verifier. As part of the verification process, she received a tour of the school from pupils, met with pupils, parents and Governors, and also reviewed documentation and evidence about our SMSC and Personal Development curriculum.

Pupils were commended for their knowledge of the values and virtues, and how British Values are aligned with the Cardinal Virtues. They showed great pride in their school and spoke positively about how the CPSHE curriculum prepares them for life after school, and the wide variety of activities offered as part of our extra-curricular timetable. Governors were proud of the progress which the school has made, pupils’ attendance and behaviour, and how the diversity of the school is a real positive. They also spoke about how effectively the school safeguards its most vulnerable pupils. Parents, grandparents and carers were also very positive about the work the school does to meet the needs of all pupils, and to their families. It was also evident that the school has a very clear vision for SMSC and CPSHE which is implemented succesfully right across the school with the support of the entire school community.

Coming shortly after positive comments in the recent Ofsted Report, this award is valuable recognition of the work which is done by staff, pupils, governors and families to develop the SMSC education of all pupils and is an award which we can all be proud of.

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