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The school library is open during break, lunchtime and after school until 3.30pm each day. Pupils can use the resources for research, to complete homework or coursework tasks, to revise from or to read for pleasure.

Facilities include one interactive whiteboard, two digital screens, seating at tables for 55 pupils, a comfortable seating area for another 40 pupils, laptops and iPads.

The library boasts a large collection of books, from a range of different genres. The fiction section contains some of the latest titles, together with a good range of all-time classics. The non-fiction books are completely up-to-date and cover the whole-school curriculum, together with many general interest topics.

At the back of the library we have a careers office, where our Careers Advisor can hold appointments, interviews and provide current information on career paths and college courses.

For more information regarding our library, please contact Mrs M Wilson.

Sora – Digital Reading App

We are committed to bringing unique learning opportunities to our pupils and are pleased to introduce a new, free reading service providing digital books through Sora: a pupil reading app.  The collection of titles in Sora is an extension of our physical library, with 24/7 access to ebooks and audiobooks. Pupils can download titles at home at any time with no concerns about misplacing a book or running up late fees, as digital titles are automatically returned at the end of the lending period. Once a title is downloaded, it can be read offline, therefore internet access is only required when selecting a new title. Classic fiction, manga novels, the latest popular juvenile or young adult fiction, revision guides and audiobooks are all available to our pupils through the free Sora app, which can be downloaded onto any tablet, smartphone or gaming device. Titles can also be accessed through the Sora website on any device, including computers and laptops.

Reading Strategy

Reading ages are used by teachers to make sure that texts are suitable for the ability of the class. 

  • Each term, your reading age will be assessed. We will share your reading age with you and it will be included in your reports.
  • Your teachers will use your reading ages to make sure that the texts you are given to read in class are suitable for you.

Each subject department has clear expectations for your reading, speaking and writing.

  • Your teacher will explain how they expect you to approach reading, writing and speaking activities in their subject. 
  • They will demonstrate this for you and provide guidance when it is needed.

Pupils will be read to and read with

  • Your teachers will read to you to demonstrate how texts in their subject should be read.
  • You will be supported in your reading by your teachers. You will be helped to use the correct pace and tone, and to read to punctuation.

Correct pronunciation and the meaning of any new or difficult words is taught to pupils before the text is read.

  • This allows you to make sense of a text when you are asked to read it independently. 
  • Your teachers will help you to pronounce and spell words that you are unfamiliar with, but they will not do it for you.
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