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Pastoral Care

At Corpus Christi we strive to create a loving and supportive environment for your child. We have an excellent pastoral care system to help your child thrive academically, socially and spiritually. Above all else, we strive to create a school where the pastoral care system allows your child to feel safe and happy at school.  

‘The work of the pastoral team has been highly effective. Pupils feel valued and cared for by staff.’ 

Ofsted 2019

From the outset, pupils will join a form group. Where possible, we will try to keep pupils with the same Form Tutor throughout their time at Corpus Christi. This will allow pupils, staff and families to build strong, long-lasting relationships, ensuring that we can work together effectively and with mutual trust to help pupils achieve their potential.  

Each form will be part of the wider pastoral team for their year group. A year team comprises of six Form Tutors, a Pastoral Support Officer and a Head of Year.  

‘Pupils’ behaviour is exceptional in and around school.’ 

Denominational Inspection Report (Section 48) 2022

Pastoral Support Officers (PSOs) provide pastoral care to all our pupils throughout their school life. Corpus Christi has a team of five Pastoral Support Officers who do not have a teaching timetable and are available to respond to the needs of pupils promptly. Each PSO is assigned to work with one year group alongside the Head of Year. The school’s Catholic ethos is an integral part of all aspects of pastoral care at Corpus Christi and this is shown through the love, care and respect afforded to all pupils in school. The pastoral team knows the importance of a relationship built on trust between parents and school and responds to any parental concern about their child, including matters relating to safeguarding. The PSOs provide a visible presence around school and have strong relationships with pupils, enabling our children to feel safe and ready to learn. 

The Head of Year will have overall responsibility for the pastoral care of the year group. The Head of Year is the main point of contact for your child throughout their time at Corpus Christi, and will offer your child support and guidance throughout their time here. 

‘There is a genuine sense of stewardship of their environment and in their care towards each other. One student said, “We all look after each other at school. No matter what the problem is, the teachers will help you.”’ 

Denominational Inspection Report (Section 48) 2022

Pupils will also be assigned a house when arriving at Corpus Christi. Our houses are named after local English Martyrs: Arrowsmith, Clitherow and Haydock. Each house is a community within school and includes pupils in all year groups. Pupils will have opportunities to work together in events such as Sports Day or Extended Learning Days to develop a range of skills and help their house win house points. 

Each house has a Head of House. The Head of House is the member of staff who has been given responsibility to lead and support the members of each house to achieve their best. Heads of House employ strategies such as intervention to improve effort, mentoring from peers within the house, and rewards to encourage pupils to thrive and to support those underperforming to achieve their potential.  

The pastoral system at Corpus Christi is overseen by Mr. Wilson (Deputy Headteacher) who, who along with all staff, is committed to leading the school to further improve behaviour and attitudes for all at Corpus Christi Catholic High School.   

Group Deputy HeadteacherDHT Email 
Deputy Headteacher Mr Wilson  

Year GroupHead of YearHOY Email
Year 7Mrs
Year 8Mr
Year 9Miss
Year 10Mrs
Year 11Mrs

Year GroupPastoral Support OfficerPSO Email
Year 7Mrs Dillon
Year 8Mrs
Year 9Mrs
Year 10Miss Morris / Miss or
Year 11Mrs

House Head of House HOH Email 
Arrowsmith Mr Chester  
Clitherow Miss Caton  
Haydock Mrs Matthews  
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