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Our Chaplaincy

Now you are the body of Christ and each one of you is a part of it’

1 Corinthians 12:27

Chaplain: Fr Stephen Talbutt

The Chaplaincy is a place of welcome, hospitality, support and reflection where all are invited to join us in a spirit of togetherness and relaxation.

Chaplaincy is not just at the heart of the school, it is the heart of the school; welcoming students and staff, offering friendship, support, encouragement and guidance for all in our community.

When thinking about what a Chaplain does, we think about the Emmaus story: the disciples walking along the road to Emmaus, lost in their own worlds until they are joined by a stranger who leads them and teaches them the right path. That stranger is Jesus and the story is as real today as it was for the two disciples. We find ourselves lost in a world that seems to be against all things moral and right, yet we must discover the truth of our lives; the truth that is Jesus Christ.

It is this journey towards the truth that underpins our life here at Corpus Christi. With over 800 members of our community, each journey is different and everyone has their own way of reaching their goal. The Chaplain is there to walk with individuals as they make their way through life.

We have our very own Chaplaincy base which is open every day with the students making great use of it at break and lunchtimes. We are also very lucky to have our own Chapel next door to the Chaplaincy. Our community celebration of Mass is every Thursday at 3.15pm with refreshments provided afterwards. We would like to extend a warm welcome to anybody who would like to join us at these times.

When “they recognised him in the breaking of the bread”, the disciples truly realised that Jesus was alive. It is our hope that by sharing our lives together here at Corpus Christi, that we too recognise the joy of the Lord and that we can grow in love and happiness all our lives.

Chaplains- Metanoia Project (Ruth White and Joe White)

Caring for the Individual

Secondary Schools are challenging environments where an overwhelming amount of things can happen at once. The Chaplaincy offers a quiet environment away from the crowd, where individuals are able to pause, think and reflect. At Corpus Christi we want our young people to achieve academically, but we also care for the whole individual – each person is much more than a mark on a piece of paper. We care for their emotional and spiritual needs and aim to develop and nurture the whole person. The chaplains are always available for support or to talk things over during difficult times so you never need to feel alone.


The school Chaplaincy provides opportunities for prayer and worship throughout the school year. Alongside our weekly community Mass, we hold special services of Reconciliation, vigils during Advent and Lent, prayer services to mark the seasons of the Church, meditations, lunchtime sessions, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Devotion to the Rosary, retreats and pilgrimages.


The Chaplaincy also offers many enrichment opportunities, including:

  • Peer-mentoring training
  • Retreats and days of reflection
  • Visits to other educational and spiritual establishments
  • Sacramental preparation
  • Lunchtime activities
  • Trips to Youth Gatherings
  • Fundraising and work in the community 

Charitable Works

The Chaplaincy is the stimulus for much of the charity work of the school. Each year we raise over £2,000 for various chosen charities in our Lenten Fundraising. In partnership with local aid agencies, we help to educate and provide medical supplies and food for those in famine situations. Nearer to home, we have good links with the local homeless shelter and each year we donate food for the service users.

There is more information regarding our most recent fundraising initiatives on our Charity fundraising page. 

Caring for the Spirit

Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life, and have it to the full.” In the Chaplaincy we have provided a place where the main stimulus is prayer and reflection. Every day begins and ends with prayer based on a theme taken from that Sunday’s Gospel. Together we celebrate Feasts and Festivals and other major events in our school life. Our whole reason for being is to provide a safe and happy place for people to develop: academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Metanoia Project

METANOIA PROJECT is a Catholic charity for the New Evangelisation, ministering to people of all ages, proclaiming the Word and serving the poor in the Preston area and beyond.  

Working alongside several Parishes, we offer groups where we explore the Catholic faith in a relevant, engaging and age-appropriate way starting with young families, through children, teenagers, students and young adults right up to the more senior members of the community. Through these groups and other events, we aim to provide opportunities for every person to encounter Christ and grow in relationship with Him and His Church.  

We encourage and equip Catholics to live out their faith in a very tangible way, sharing the Good News with others in their homes, work-places and local communities. We also offer very practical ways for them to serve through our Volunteers and Young Leaders Programmes and through our ministry to the vulnerable especially those experiencing homelessness. 

We are very excited to add the Chaplaincy of Corpus Christi High School to our growing ministry and spend time with the wonderful staff and students. 

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Our Parishes

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