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Back to School!

We welcomed our Year 7 new starters this morning together with Year 11 pupils who have returned full-time to school after the unprecedented shutdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

School looked different, with social distancing, ‘year bubbles’ keeping pupils apart and staggered start times, breaks and lunchtimes to the school day.

Our new pupils were given an induction so they understood the new rules, such as staying in their “bubble” groups, sanitising hands and where to use social distancing.

Each year bubble will stay together and go to a staggered breaks and lunchtimes.

Our new Year 7s said goodbye to their parents this morning, many of whom accompanied them to their first day at our school. Initially our new pupils were directed to the sports hall, with a welcome by Deputy Head Mr Botes and to introduce them to their ‘year bubble’, Head of Year Mrs Sutcliffe and Form Tutors. Pupils continued their induction with an assembly in our school hall by Headteacher Mr Hubbard.

After a formal introduction and prayer Mr Hubbard stressed the importance of this day to all of our new 160 Year 7 pupils. A new start and a great opportunity for every pupil to impress their teachers. He also emphasised how 100% effort in the next five years and always trying to be your best will be the best attitude for success. Being ready to learn by always having your school equipment, being punctual, completing homework to your best ability and displaying good behaviour and manners will always be expected at Corpus Christi.

Pupils later attended their first form lesson to familiarise themselves with their form teacher and other pupils within their form group and to also receive their timetables for lessons and have their photograph and fingerprint taken for our cashless catering system.

Pupils later attended their first three subject lessons before their scheduled end of day at 2.00pm.

We observed that all our pupils adapted well to the new mandatory rules and regulations of the school day and hope they felt safe and comfortable in their new learning environment to go home and be looking forward to their new five year learning journey at Corpus Christi.

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