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Extended Learning Day 3

On Friday 2 February, all pupils in school participated in our third ‘Extended Learning Day’ of the academic year.

Year 7‘s Extended Learning Day focused on the five British values lead by staff from humanities departments and guests from the Exchange Chambers in Manchester. Pupils looked at Mutual respect through the lens of a footballer’s handshake and how we can prepare for lent serving others in our community who are made in the image of God. Pupils had a chance to look at democracy and individual liberty focusing on choice and compromise and the virtue of Justice. While in the drama studio pupils had a talk about tolerance of other religions hearing about grown up in Northern Ireland in the midst of the troubles and used freeze frames to share views on reconciliation and community.

All of year 7 had an opportunity to listen to and ask questions of our two guest barristers from the Exchange Chambers who spoke about the rule of law, the rules of a court and how to become a barrister. Pupils were asked to discuss ethical scenarios and decide on a best course of action in a court of law.

Year 8 undertook a variety of learning activities based around Brazil with an emphasis on population, the Amazon basin, deforestation, and the specific animal and plant adaptations of the rainforest. One of the workshops looked at the history of Brazil and how the likes of Pélé overcame poverty to have a spectacular career. External provider ‘Zoolab’ gave pupils the opportunity to meet and learn about native animals to Brazil as well as a few other unique creatures from around the world. Pupils held stick insects, a giant african millipede and got to meet arachnids and reptiles such as Fluffy the tarantula and Kelloggs the corn snake.

Pupils in Year 9 took part in a day where the activities were based around careers and provided them with information and resources to help inform their GCSE option choices. Pupils took part in workshops from external providers such as ‘Future U’, who gave guidance on revision, study skills and career pathway mapping. Careers advisors helped to support pupils in trying to discern what their road ahead might be, with further education providers from Preston and Newman College on hand to answer any questions. They also visited an ‘Options Carousel’ in the sports hall, where Year 9 pupils had the opportunity to speak to Year 10 pupils already studying the various option subjects, and benefitted from a Chaplaincy session about making important life choices. The day ended with an address in the hall from Mr Warham, who advised pupils to think carefully and consider what they are good at, what they think they will enjoy and their career opportunities when choosing their options, as well as reminding pupils of the options process. They then all selected their ‘draft’ option choices, using the same platform as they will use for their final choices next month.

Year 10 pupils took part in a day aiming at improving their employability and life skills. They undertook sessions on Health and Safety in the work place as well as how to seek employment successfully. They also learnt basic first aid skills including CPR, supported by resources provided by St John’s Ambulance. Alongside Year 9, they also benefitted from a session about how the different routes into university education, which was delivered by Future U. Pupils also worked on their study and revision skills, trying to find the very best technique to internalise key information and store it in long-term memory.

Finally, Year 11 pupils spent the day focused on mathematics. Pupils completed 2 revision sessions as well as a personal revision session on a computer. All revision was based on the topics included on their third mock examination which was completed in the final two periods of the day

Thank you to all staff and visitors for their hard work and support in ensuring our pupils enjoy these broader experiences, and to all pupils for their commitment and enthusiasm.

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