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Extended Learning Day 4

On Wednesday last week all pupils took part in our fourth ‘Extended Learning Day’ of this academic year. ‘Extended Learning Days’ (ELD) are organised throughout the academic year to enrich the curriculum and provide pupils with a greater variety of learning experiences. 

Year 7: Pupils took part in activities integrating MFL, Music, Art and Design, revolving around the theme of ‘El día de los Muertos’, also known grimly as the ‘Day of the Dead’, relating to a holiday traditionally celebrated in Mexico, for time, prayer and remembrance for friends or family that have passed away. Pupils watched the Disney Pixar animation ‘Coco’, inspired by the culture, traditions and values associated with ‘El día de los Muertos’. The holiday is often associated with symbolic skull designs so year 7 pupils used oil pastels and pattern transfer techniques to produce colourful patterned mono-printed skull pieces of artwork. The third activity was musically orientated, with pupils learning to play chords on the ukulele and ultimately playing along to the soundtrack from Coco, ‘Un poco Loco’.

Year 8: For year 8’s extended learning day, the year group was taken on a religious Education trip to Liverpool organised by the Religious Education department. Pupils were taken on a tour of Princess Road Synagogue, The Liverpool Central Mosque and to look at the architecture of both Catholic and Church of England Cathedrals. With this information, pupils are well prepared to look study and compare the Abrahamic faiths in the summer term. 

Year 9: This day was led by the history department and focused on extending Year 9 pupils’ understanding of post war and multicultural Britain from 1945 to the present day. Pupils studied the history of Britain and the ways in which it was shaped by different cultures and nationalities, and were challenged to think and debate about what it meant to be British as well as events which make up the history of Britain. The school was delighted to welcome journalist Kavita Puri who led a talk about the ‘Partition of India’ and the ways in which this shaped not only the histories of India and Pakistan but of Britain as well. Pupils benefitted greatly from this talk and a wider appreciation of untold aspects of Britain’s past. 

Year 10: Pupils took part in a day aiming at improving their employability and life skills. They undertook sessions on soft and transferrable skills run by the Department of Work and Pensions, and also consolidated their IT skills, specifically focusing on CV’s and applications. They also benefited from two sessions led by Future U which focused on work readiness and preparation for further education. In addition, we welcomed visitors from the Royal Air Force who informed them about the myriad careers which it is possible to undertake under their remit.

Year 11: Pupils had their final core revision day of the year, which was led by the science department. Pupils concentrated on the topics of ecology and the atmosphere. It involved numerous tasks designed to stimulate thought and discussion, as well as learning key processes in the carbon and water cycle. 

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