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Half-term Awards

Every year group was invited into their ‘Year Award Assembly’ to receive certificates and prizes for 100% attendance and homework, together with the prestigious ’Headteacher’, ‘Head of Year’ and ‘Form’ awards. The assemblies are always an enjoyable part of each term, enabling staff to celebrate their pupils’ successes and improvements in many areas of school life.

Every form tutor awarded prizes to two pupils from their individual forms for special recognition in various aspects of school life ranging from academic performance, personal attributes, extra-curricular activities to team leadership or simply just being an excellent pupil and role model in school.

Reflecting on all assemblies, Mr Warham said: ‘The assemblies not only give the school a chance to formally celebrate many pupil achievements but it also gives me great pleasure as Assistant Headteacher to congratulate pupils who have made some great improvements relating to their homework, attendance and behaviour. We always try and stress to pupils that 100% homework is essential for good learning and with a commitment to excellent school attendance, everyone is capable of reaching their full potential.’

Prized ‘Headteacher Award’ recipients were:
Year 7 Macy Singleton-Martins and Theo Westwood; Year 8 Kiesha Cavanagh and Shay Egan-Cronin; Year 9 Salahideen Alswaihi and Bakhtawar Khawaja; Year 10 Chloe Cross and Hannah Kealey; Year 11 Reni Georgieva and Oliver Kerr.

‘Head of Year’ awards went to:
Year 7 Azino Osiriomo and Kara Lowe; Year 8 William Blundell and Shanae Tam; Year 9 Akin Akinrinlola and Karina Poltorak; Year 10 Ruby Finch and Oliwier Sury; Year 11 Benjamin Billington and Megan-Louise Coop.

Nominated for ‘Form Awards’, for both a boy and girl, were presented to:
Year 7: 7C Luka Baraffe and Maariya Chohan; 7O Alexis Higham and Riley Kilpatrick; 7R Kaidon Albin and Kenley Britton; 7P Benjamin Graham and Halle Gregory; 7U Mohammed-Faizen Ayub and Isla Burgess-James; 7S Goncalo Canda Amarol and Reece Kay. Year 8: 8C Vinayak Ratheesh and Amber Houldgreaves; 😯 Maxwell Hill and Mario Labacz; 8R Jessica Martin and Jakub Spiewak; 8P Isha Hoolash and Charlie Martin; 8U Uthman Ibrahim and Siyana Sayid; 8S Shay Egan-Cronin and Molly Wilson-Barker. Year 9: 9C Anna Cekala and Dharma Karri; 9O Temis Cerros and Cameron Gardner; 9R Oana Smintina and Isaac Stone; 9P Yuvraj Singh and Saba Azizi; 9U Gracie Dancey and Nur Akgun; 9S Crystabell Omusi and Olivier Szlackciak. Year 10: 10C Adom Abaidoo and Odion Obamwonyi; 10O Thomas Ashworth and Robert Ungureanu; 10R Aymen El Harrass and Luke Orton; 10P Millie Greenhalgh and Yohaan Manoj; 10U Jack Bennett and Chloe Parker; 10S Arwa Alsharef and Lewis Edmondson. Year 11: 11C Gracjana Pawelec and Edward Strangeway; 11O Diana Cerros and Oliver Kerr; 11R Eleanor Taylor and Miers Rixson; 11P Arshiya Hafeez and Benjamin Billington.

Assemblies are appreciated by both pupils and staff alike and the huge amount of certificates that have been awarded this term again demonstrates pupils’ hard-work and determination to succeed at Corpus Christi. Well done to all!

Pictured: Year 7’s receiving their awards and a ‘customary award waving’ picture, showing off how well the pupils have performed throughout their first half-term.

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