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Mass of Epiphany

On Thursday 6 January all pupils and staff attended our Mass of Epiphany in the school sports hall, celebrated with our priestly Chaplain Fr. Mario. There were two services which began with a procession of pupils displaying items purchased with proceeds from our Advent Rucksack Appeal, accompanied by the hymn ‘Here I am to worship’.

Fr. Mario wished the congregation a happy Christmas, new year and feast day of Epiphany. Keeping his sermon short, he told how he would be there until 2pm if he covered everything he wanted to. He explained the significance of the Epiphany, that wise people today still search for Jesus in our world. He stated, ‘God will reveal himself to the inquisitive mind’, meaning if you want to find true love and understanding then you should seek Jesus. He then went on to say ‘we will seek the light’ which referred to scripture revelations. He talked of how wise men chose not to follow just any star, they followed the one to the east shining bright, Jesus is the light of the world. We will seek love and adore the light, see light within others and love each other. Fr. Mario invited us to offer each other a ‘wave’ instead of the traditional handshake offering peace to others around us.

Pupils participated in the service by giving readings, bidding prayers and singing in the choir. All pupils came forward at communion to receive the Eucharist, a blessing or a “peace be with you” depending on their faith background.

‘We three kings’ was the traditional recessional hymn to end the service. All our pupils are to be commended for their impeccable behaviour and respectful participation in the celebration of Mass.

You can see the Mass of Ephinany booklet used in the service here

Thank you to the following pupils for their participation in the service:

Choir:Maisie, Kenley, Hannah, Flavia
Year 9- 11 Readers:Megan, Oliver, David, Millie & Kadija       
Year 7-8  Readers:Maja, Theo, Otis, Courtney & Ethan 
The Procession:Qamar, Luke, Elissa, Azino, Nikola & Lilly-Faith
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