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Mental Health Assemblies

On Tuesday of last week, years 8, 9 and 10 attended assemblies held by popular singer and social media star, Bronnie. Students were treated to a performance of three songs from the ambassador of the mental health organisation, ‘The Buddy Project’.

The young star told students about her successful career, supporting Little Mix on tour, being endorsed by Harry Styles and her experience of winning Ryan Seacrest’s Worldwide Cover Song Contest. She told how self-doubt and worrying what peers thought of her nearly stopped her from posting her first ever YouTube video which began her career. Rising to fame at the age of just 15, Bronnie talked about her own mental health battles and the strategies she has learnt to maintain a healthy mind and body.

Using Beyonce and Stephen Spielberg as examples, Bronnie talked about the importance of resilience, not giving up on your dreams when faced with obstacles and rejection. Beyonce was dropped from her first record label Atlanta, but didn’t give up, later becoming a worldwide superstar. Steven Spielberg was denied a place at the University of Southern California School of Theatre, Film and Television three times before becoming one of the most successful film directors that’s ever lived. They both bounced back to be successful in the fields their passion laid regardless of the setbacks they’d been faced with.

Bronnie told how completing just one small task every day, such as making her bed each morning, has helped gain a small amount of satisfaction, lifted her mood and set her up for the day. She also relayed the importance of keeping hydrated, getting enough sleep and regular exercise.

Following the talk, there was a question and answer session, where a year 7 pupil asked about the ‘Buddy Project’. The non-profit organisation aims to prevent suicide and self-harm, whilst raising awareness of mental health. The project works by pairing young adults with a ‘buddy’, based on their age and interests. They can write to each other, share their feelings with one another and build a friendship. Bronnie, a supporter of the organisation, told how their work is invaluable, making people feel less isolated and alone and encourages empathy and compassion. Over 233,000 people have signed up to be a buddy since the organisation’s inception six years ago.

As the assemblies came to a close, starstruck students were delighted to meet Bronnie and ask for her autograph.

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