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Ofsted Report – 28 and 29 February 2024

As you are aware, our school was inspected by Ofsted on 28 and 29 February. As a school previously judged as good, our inspection was an ungraded (section 8) inspection. In a section 8 inspection, the only way the overall grade can change is if inspectors have concerns significant enough to warrant a lower grade.

Although this can be frustrating for schools in our position, following rapid improvement in all aspects of provision since 2019, we have still secured an outcome that has rarely been achieved since the current framework was introduced in 2019.

As such, the report states that, although ungraded, ‘evidence gathered suggests that the inspection grade might be outstanding if a graded (section 5) inspection were carried out now. The school’s next inspection will be a graded inspection.’

You will also note that, in almost all inspection reports, there is a section entitled: ‘What does the school need to do to improve?’ In our case, inspectors did not identify any areas for improvement, therefore this section does not appear in our report.

The language used in the report about all aspects of our provision is very strong. Words such as ‘extraordinary’, ‘exceptional’ and ‘impressive’ are used throughout. However, we are most proud of the way in which inspectors describe the conduct and attitudes of our pupils. They are a credit to you, as parents and carers, and to our school.

You can read the report by following this link.

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