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Pupils receive Term Awards

Pupils were rewarded for their hard work throughout the final autumn term this week with special Award Assemblies held on the last day of term to celebrate their achievements.

Every year group was invited into their Year Award Assembly to receive certificates and prizes for 100% homework, progress scores, most improved, together with Head of Year and Headteacher Awards. The assemblies are an enjoyable part of each term for the school, enabling staff to celebrate their pupils’ great success.

Deputy Headteacher, Mr Botes said: ‘There have been some really significant improvements made by many pupils this year, but again I have been very impressed with our Year 7 and their numerous 100% Homework certificates together with some amazing Gold and Super Gold Progress Scores since September. Progress has been excellent and it will be fantastic for pupils who achieved bronze and silver to progress and achieve a higher grade at the next awards assembly in the New Year.’

The rewards assemblies are a chance to formally recognise the hard-work and high standards achieved by many of our pupils.’

Numerous Head of Year certificates were awarded together with the two nominated pupils receiving Headteacher Awards in recognition of their learning and achievements throughout the term. Learner of the Week award scrolls were also distributed to all Year groups.

Our Advent Appeal Raffle in support of the Salvation Army was also drawn at each assembly containing a numerous array of chocolate delights ranging from the first prize of a large ‘Chocolate Hamper’ complemented with five additional ‘Chocolate Gift Sets’ for each Year group that have tempted ticket purchases throughout Advent for the charity to raise, as it stands over £1,500 for the charity with additional donations to be added.

As always, the assemblies are an enjoyable part of each term for the school, enabling staff to celebrate their pupils’ hard work. Deputy Headteacher, Mr Dave Botes told all pupils in their assemblies to be very proud of their achievements and to return after the Christmas holiday to be committed to try and improve even further.’

During each assembly Headteacher Mr Hubbard congratulated all recipients receiving award certificates but also encouraged all pupils to give every effort to their future learning. Mr Hubbard stressed that although it had been a difficult year he has been very pleased with the numerous awards received and the outstanding learning commitment of many pupils throughout this term.

Each assembly also had a personal message to all the pupils in the form of a very creative video musical rendition of ‘Silent Night’. Many teaching and support staff volunteered their singing and instrumental musical talents to create this special Christmas gift to all our pupils – Corpus Christ ‘Silent Night’ (Produced by Mr Reilly and Mr Walton)

AWARDS for each Year group were – HOY Year 7: Summer Cornthwaite (7U); Shay Egan-Cronin (7P); Sana Gulam (7S); Navroop Kaur (7P); Emily Masheter (7R); Madison Muir (7U); Amelia Musa (7O); Millie Orton (7P); Muhammed Palejwala (7C); Nadia Rybacka (7S); Zuzanna Sankowska (7U) and Jakub Spiewak. HOY Year 8: Salahideen Aslwaihi (8R); Temis Cerros (8O); Gracie Dancey (8S); Eva Dawson (8R); Katie-Faye Fraser (8C); Siyanna Haq (8P); Dharma Karri (8C); Maria Keating (8U); Amina Khalid (8S); Huhammad Patel (8R); Yuvray Singh (8P); Evie Webber (8O); Jamaal Yusuf (8S). HOY Year 9: Hamma Abbas (9U); Thomas Burrell Brown (9O); Harry Chen (9S); Chloe Cowperthwaite (9C); Kinga Grabkowska (9S); Jack Hargreaves (9C); Anna Jackowska (9O); Elissa Kane (9R); Hannah Kealey (9P); Tre Kiggins (9U); Evi Osiriomo (9P) and Dominik Pietrzak (9R) Most Improved: Nathan Ellis (9O); Letiya Higham (9R); Dominica Jimenez (9S); Wessley Makinson (9C); Lily O’Donnell (9U) and Olivia Wilson . HOY Year 10: Gracjna Pawelec (10C); Libby Robertson (10C); Tunjina Patel (10P); Mariyah Mullla (10O); Sophia Nazir (10C); Hazem Abozguia (10C); Adam Baron (10P); Maddie Brier (10O); Rama Bull (10P); Charlotte Coing-Roy (10P); Yadhvi Geejanan (10C); Faridoon Hidari (10P) and Lucy Hollinshead (10C). Most Improved:  Amelia Beston (10R); Uzair Akhter (10P); Michaela Woodruff (10C); Sinead Talty (10P); Edward Strangeway (10C); Katie O’Donnell (10R); Abbie Newsham (10C); Seranne Gregory (10R); Maxwell Dodds (10R); Ellie Dewhurst (10O) and Diana Cerros (10O). HOY Year 11: Umayr Amin (11C); Madison Ash (11R); Ellie-May Duffy (11C); Shadab Mir (11R); Alisina Mohseni (11C); Tadala Nazombe (11C); Rishi Panchal (11P); As’ad Patel (11C); Adam Ratcliffe (11O); Lidia Stolnicu (11C) and Naomi Woods-Lowry (11P). Most Improved Attitude to Learning: Katelynn Baines (11C); Alfie Swarbrick (11P); Molly Taylor (11R) and Lewis Walthew (11C). Most Improved Behaviour: Amaan Patel (11P). Most Improved Progress Score: Rosie Cummins (11R).

Special and prestigious Headteacher Awards for both a boy and girl pupil from each year were awarded to: Year 7: Amber Houldgreaves (7C) and Vinayak Ratheesh (7C); Year 8 Extended: Aamina Chohan (8O); Lily Cornall (8C); Harris Finch (8O); Niamh Harrison (8S); Abigail Hollinshead (8U); Humaira Hussain (8R); Russell Kashiri (8P); Amelie Rose Lansiquot (8O); Yahya Patel (8O); Isabelle Reid (8O); Jamaal Yusuf (8S). Year 9: Zaineh Al Arqan (9P) and Malachai McDowell (9S). Year 10: Hamayon Payaman (10O); Eleanor Taylor (10O) and Alicia Wilkinson. Year 11: Lucy Simpkin (11C) and Harrison Skiba (11R).

Photography: Year 7 pupils receiving their awards plus 100% Progress Score achievers Amber Holdgreaves and Zuzanna Sankowska together with Headteacher award winners Vinayak Ratheesh and Amber Holdgreaves. First Prize Y7 Advent Raffle winner Emily Masheter and finally all Year 7 pupils proudly waving all their hard earned certificates aloft.

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