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Science Clubs

Year 10 Med Vets

Our Year 10 ‘MedVets Society’, met for their first meeting earlier this month, led by Mrs Matthews.

After a brief introduction to how the meetings would run and outline of the content students would be studying, they were assigned an engineering task.

The students were tasked to construct the highest tower they could from balloons, card, paper and tape. Each of these resources cost a different amount, and they needed to build the highest tower with the smallest budget, to generate the highest profit. The students were fully engaged in this task, working hard throughout, and showing off a wide variety of designs and thought processes. The science teachers in attendance were impressed by their ingenuity. At the end of the session Mrs Matthews explained to them how this task was linked to the skills which people who work in the medical field need — ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams, display effective team working skills, sharing ideas effectively and working towards a common goal.

Year 10 ‘Med Vets’ will run sessions every Tuesday from 2.30-3.30pm. If your child wants to attend then they need to inform Mrs Matthews.

Year 8 STANs Academy

The Year 8 Science Club, known as STANs Academy, continued this week. In their second session, led by Mr Bardon, the group discussed the importance of following a specific ‘method’. Pupils were tasked to explain a detailed method of how to make a cup of tea. These results produced many strange-looking cups of tea! Pupils later had to follow a method to make common table salt. The challenge was to make the whitest salt and carry out a flame test to check the quality.

The Year 8 Science Club runs sessions every Thursday from 2.30-3.30pm. If your child wants to attend then they need to speak to their science teacher. Year 7 Science Club will be starting shortly, also on Thursday from 2.30-3.30pm.

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