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Year 7 Forensic Investigators visit UCLAN

On Thursday 18th January 30 pupils from Yr 7 visited the Young Scientist Centre at UCLAN where they became forensic investigators for the day.

The day started with an outline of the case where an office worker had been poisoned and it was up to our pupils to decide “whodunnit”, this involved them using DNA analysis and fibre analysis techniques. The pupils were able to work with equipment such as micropipettes and gel electrophoresis which is usually reserved for those studying at university.

The pupils displayed excellent scientific knowledge and practical skills, both of which were commented on by the lecturers from the university who were running the session, and even produced some outstanding DNA fingerprints, which were the best the lecturers had seen for some time!

As usual the behaviour and attitudes displayed by all our pupils was exemplary and the university staff very much look forward to welcoming us back again in the future.

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